Graduate Studentship Award

Opportunity Overview

The ADI Graduate Studentship Award is $12,000/y for 1 year and is intended as a recruitment tool for MSc and PhD students interested in diabetes-related research. The award is to be utilized during one of their first two years of training and will be paid out over a 12 month period.

About the ADI Graduate Studentship Award

APPLICATION DUE: Monday, May 1, 2023, by 11:59 pm

  • Your supervisor must be an ADI Member
  • These awards are intended to support new MSc or PhD students in one of their first two years of training
  • Renewal studentship funding requests are not eligible
  • Surgical Residents and Surgical Fellows who are not funded by other sources are also eligible to apply for funding
  • Supervisors may only submit two applications per competition
  • All trainees are required to complete their training under the ADI Member who sponsors their application and adhere to the research project outlined in the application. Under special circumstances, consideration may be given to a change in supervisor, provided that the trainee obtains prior written approval from the ADI. This includes having the agreement of the new supervisor (who must be an ADI Member) and the new project must be diabetes-related. The request will be assessed by ADI on a case-by-case basis 
  • Students are required to submit a final report upon completion of their award
  • Students are requested to present their work at the ADI Seminar Series / ADI Research Day

Application Procedure

Application Request & Deadline

APPLICATION DUE: Monday, May 1, 2023, by 11:59 pm

Funding Details
  • The start date of the studentship will normally be early September to coincide with the start of the academic school year, but other start dates can be considered
  • Awards are held for 12 consecutive months (1 year) and not eligible for renewal
  • Training interruptions: candidates whose training may be interrupted for medical or personal reasons during the 12-month award period may request to have their stipend payments stopped and restarted upon their return to their graduate program. Trainees are required to provide documentation that their leave has been approved by their supervisor/home department
  • Students must be registered in a full-time graduate program before funding will be released
  • Awardees may accept any other awards concurrent with the full ADI graduate studentship award of $12,000 provided the other award(s) are worth less than $12,000.  If students are awarded other major award(s) worth $12,001 or more the ADI will offer up to $12,000 as per the table below.  If other major awards are worth more than $25,001 ADI will offer incentive funding of $4,000.