Former foreign correspondent and BFA Acting alum Sean Mallen pens touching memoir

"Falling for London" is the hilarious and touching memoir of how Sean Mallen and his family learned how to live in and love the world's greatest city.

29 November 2018

Falling for London-A Cautionary Tale

A hilarious, touching and globe-trotting look inside the life of a foreign correspondent On TV, it appears to be the most glamorous of professions-travelling to exotic locales, meeting fascinating people, covering the world's biggest stories.

It's no wonder veteran journalist Sean Mallen was over the moon with excitement when he unexpectedly was named London-based Europe Bureau Chief for Global News and given a couple of weeks to move to England to cover the Royal Wedding of William and Kate.

That was the easy part.

What audiences don't see are the families behind the reporters, the people who must pull up roots and leave behind careers, friends and loved ones to move to a strange city. Mallen's wife and 6 year old daughter were not nearly so enthusiastic about his dream job. In fact, they had absolutely no interest in decamping to the UK. At first.

Falling for London-A Cautionary Tale tells the story of what happened when they joined him, how they survived crumbling, expensive flats, bewildering bureaucracy and cultural confusion and learned how to live in and love a stupendous, challenging and endless interesting city. Mallen's dream job delivered a life-changing experience in ways he never could have expected.

It is a story that also gives an insider's view of how the news media cover headline events, taking you from Westminster Abbey for the Royal Wedding, to Tahrir Square during the Arab Spring; from a maritime disaster on the Tuscan Coast, to the Russian elections on Red Square.

Added to the mix: the Mallen family travels around Europe-comical and eye-opening adventures that took them skiing in the Austrian Alps, surfing off the west coast of Ireland and exploring eccentric and lovely corners of London and the English countryside.

Early reviews of Falling for London make it one of the most-anticipated publishing events of the fall season:

"As an award-winning foreign correspondent, Sean Mallen has told many important stories from around the world. But none is as compelling, heartfelt and humorous as the tale he tells in Falling for London. A master storyteller, he puts you right beside him as he persuades his wife and six year old daughter to give London a chance. It's a wonderful story beautifully told."

Terry Fallis, two-time winner of the Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour.

Sean Mallen is an engaging and entertaining speaker who enthralls audiences with a witty and insightful look inside the lives of foreign correspondents.

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