Publication Congratulations from the Department of Drama

Congratulations to graduate students Heunjung Lee and Xavia Publius, and alumnus Charlie Peters on their recent publishing successes!

Department of Drama - 4 July 2023

The Department of Drama is delighted to share recent publication successes coming out of our graduate programs.

The newest issue of Theatre Research in Canada (Volume 44, Issue 1), published by the University of Toronto Press, features full articles from Heunjung Lee (PhD candidate in Performance Studies), En/Countering Ageism Together: All the Sex I’ve Ever Had by Mammalian Diving Reflex, and Charlie Peters (MFA in Theatre Practice, 2021), The Hierarchy on Its Side Becomes a Circle: The Directing Practices and Mentorship of Yvette Nolan. Xavia Publius (PhD candidate in Performance Studies) represents with their book review of Allyson Mitchell and Cait McKinney, Inside Killjoy’s Kastle: Dykey Ghosts, Feminist Monsters, and Other Lesbian Hauntings, and Professor Selena Couture serves as Associate Editor (Outreach) for the publication. Also included in this issue is an article, “I Guess It Was Unsettling”: Indigenous Performance, Nationalist Narratives and Conciliation, co-authored by 2010 alumna Kimberley McLeod.


We are also thrilled to announce that Heunjung and Xavia's co-authored conversational journal article, Getting our Flowers Now: Ageing Trans and Queer Bodies in Gardenia (2010) and Gardenia – 10 Years Later (2021), has been published in the European Journal of Theatre and Performance – ISSUE 6 – JUNE 2023.


Congratulations Heunjung, Xavia and Charlie!