Guest Travel and Expense Reimbursement Procedures

Non-employees, for the purpose of travel expenses, are generally considered individuals without an employment relationship with the University, and that require one time or infrequent reimbursement of travel expenses. Examples would include visiting speakers, visiting researchers, students participating in field trips or interviewees for University positions. Non-employees do not receive employment income from the University.

Non-employee Travel Expenses:

Reimbursement for these types of situations should not be processed through the on-line travel and expense claim process in PeopleSoft. To issue payment to non-employees of the University for eligible out-of-pocket expenses while visiting or conducting business at the invitation of the University, a Non-Employee Travel Expense Payment Form should be completed. This form is then submitted to Payment Services in Supply Management Services (SMS) for processing through accounts payable.

Expense Detail

All itemized receipts must be attached, with the exception of per diem, kilometer and meter parking. Eligible expenses paid by the University are the same for employees and non-employees. It is the responsibility of the account holder to confirm that expenses are eligible. For expenses paid using research funds Travel Attestation detail must also be included to signify the relevance to research.


Forms, or an attached document, must be signed by the non-employee claimant. The form must also be signed by the account holder(s) (financial authority). If research funds are expensed, the form must be reviewed and signed by internal control. Tri-Council requires one-over-one approval (Dean, Chair, Director, etc.) of the financial authority for all travel expense payments to non-employees.