BFA Production: Design


(Exclusive): access to individualized instruction, with a maximum of six students admitted annually.

(Unique): Only Canadian degree program that provides education and training preparing for direct entry into the profession

(Comprehensive): Encompasses all of costume, lighting, set design and new media. Theatre courses/subjects comprise 95% of the degree requirements

(Immersive): This specialization is among eleven other distinct undergraduate and graduate programs of study, which facilitates collaboration with a large and diverse group of other emerging theatre makers and scholars.

You will learn

Stagecraft Fundamentals (First) Year

Theory: stage management fundamentals, English language studies

Theory and Practice: design fundamentals (e.g. scenic art, drafting, illustration and model making), technical theatre fundamentals (e.g. stagecraft, health and safety, lighting and sound technology, costume construction)

Concepts of Design (Second) Year

Theory and Practice: design (set, costumes and lighting), drawing, fashion and architectural history, advanced lighting technology

Practice: show assignments in lighting or projection

Supporting Roles (Third) Year

Theory and Practice: advanced design (set, costumes and lighting), advanced drawing, design assistantship, Design Lab, show assignments in props making and costumes, fashion and architectural history, directing

Leadership (Fourth) Year

Practice: advanced design (set, costumes and lighting), production design (show assignments), portfolio, Independent research project