BFA Production: Technical Production


(Exclusive): access to individualized instruction, with a maximum of six students admitted annually.

(Intensive): Students are immersed in a variety of specializations, including technical direction, sound design, lighting, projection and scenic construction.

(Comprehensive): Theatre courses/subjects comprise 95% of the degree requirements.

(Immersive): This specialization is among eleven other distinct undergraduate and graduate programs of study, which facilitates collaboration with a large and diverse group of other emerging theatre makers and scholars 

You will learn

Apprenticeship (First) Year

Theory: stage management fundamentals, English language studies

Theory and Practice: technical theatre fundamentals (e.g. stagecraft, health and safety, lighting and sound technology, costume construction), design fundamentals (e.g. scenic art, drafting, illustration and model making)

Supporting (Second) Year

Theory: professional stage management, fashion and architectural history

Theory and Practice: design (sound, lighting, set, and costumes), advanced lighting and sound technology, running crew show assignments, independent research project 

Supervisory (Third) Year

Theory: production management, fashion and architectural history

Practice: multiple production assignments 

Leadership (Fourth) Year

Practice: multiple production assignments, independent research project