Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Collections and Museums

The permanent collections of the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences consist of five formal divisions: the Drill Core Collection, which has about 7000 metres of sedimentary core and 900 metres of kimberlite; the Invertebrate Paleontology Collection that includes over 10,000 type specimens; the Meteorite Collection, which is the 3rd largest in Canada; the Mineralogy and Petrology Collection; and the Trace Fossil Collection that supports research and education in Ichnology.

Specimens from these collections are displayed in the Paleontology and the Mineralogy/Petrology Museum. The museums and collections aid the educational goals of the Department through the presentation of excellent specimens of representative material. Museums are the direct extension of collections housed in subject-oriented teaching and research laboratories, and enable students to view specimens that are too valuable or fragile for handling. In addition to serving the educational purposes of the Department, the museums are a valuable tool for outreach to the general University community, and the public at large.