Meteorite Collection

Canada’s largest university-based meteorite collection, the University of Alberta Meteorite Collection in the department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences houses 1100 samples, including pristine, frozen samples of the Tagish Lake (B.C.) meteorite, iron meteorites associated with the impact crater in Whitecourt, Alberta, and specimens from hundreds of other locations elsewhere in the world. Meteorites reveal much about the earth's origins and the conditions that existed during the formation of the solar system, making this collection a tremendously valuable scientific teaching and research resource.

Location and Access

  • The collection can be accessed by students, faculty, researchers, and members of the public
  • Highlights of the collection are exhibited in the Mineralogy and Petrology Museum (B-08 Earth Sciences Building)
    • Monday to Friday (closed holidays): 8 am to 4 pm
    • Groups of five or more are requested to call in advance to confirm accessibility.
    • Group visits are welcome and available by appointment. Please call (780) 288-0109.

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