Rare Opportunity - Guqin Lecture and Recital

Dr. Jeff Roberts is presenting "Tracing Intercultural Instincts for Spontaneity - Daoist Aesthetics, Guqin Improvisation and American Experimentalism" at Studio 27 this Friday, January 27th. Everyone welcome. Admission is free!

24 January 2012

Dr. Jeff Roberts (Williams College) will present a lecture‐recital on his study of guqin in Beijing with master Li Xiangting over the last four years and discuss the aesthetic and creative connections this has with his composing and improvising in the US. He will perform guqin traditional works and improvisations and a composition for guqin and live electronics (using Max‐Msp) that blends guqin with found object sounds.

This will be a rare opportunity to see a guqin performance on campus.

When: Friday, January 27th at 4:30pm

Where: Studio 27, Fine Arts Building

Admission is free! Everyone is welcome.