Electrical & Computer Engineering Awards

2020 Faculty Awards Winners

Alexander Rutherford for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching
Dr. Sandipan Pramanik
Faculty of Engineering Undergraduate Teaching Award
Dr. Mani Vaidyanathan
Faculty of Engineering Research Career Award
Dr. Tongwen Chen
Faculty of Engineering Mentorship Award
Dr. Mojgan Daneshmand
Faculty of Graduate Studies & Research Great Supervisor Award
Dr. Yunwei (Ryan) Li
Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Award
Dr. Mojgan Daneshmand


2020 Graduate Award Winners
George Walker Award for Best Doctoral Thesis in Fall 2019
Curtis Firby

George Walker Award for Best Doctoral Thesis in Winter 2020
Bang Liu

C.R. James Award for Best Master of Science Thesis in Fall 2019
Ledwon Morgan

C.R. James Award for Best Master of Science Thesis in Winter 2020
Jacob Brown

Graduate Student Teaching Awards
Afshin Kashani Ilkhechi, Afshin Arefi, Breanna Cherkawski, and Carolina Quiroz Juarez
LE Gads Teaching Assistant Award
Afshin Kashani Ilkhechi


2020 Undergraduate Award Winners
Ronald E & Jackie Phillips Award
Jasmine Del Fierro
Daniel Waleniak
Nicholas Moller
Michael Hughes
APEGA Past Presidents' Medals
Ziyi Cheng - Electrical Engineering

Kyle McKee - Engineering Physics
Fraser Bulbuc - Computer Engineering

Peer of Peers Award (2019)
Kyle Hennig
ENCMP 100 Programming Contest
1st place in Games & Puzzles
Ashely Davis (Sudoku Solver) and Alphonso Dineros (MATLABMon)

1st place in Applications
Zachary Gellner and Coleton Kotch (Environment and Evolution Simulator)

2nd place in Games & Puzzles
Aiken Webster (Murder at the Algorithmic Inn)

3rd place in Games & Puzzles
Yahya Al-Shamali (Henri the Ball)

Excelled in Games & Puzzles
Alexander Anderson and Muhammad Fiaz

Succeeded in Games & Puzzles
Jarvis Yu and Steven Vuong