Paper Awards

IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics - Paper Award

Each year, The Editor and Associate Editors of the IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics recognize 1st prize papers and 2nd prize papers deemed best among those published in the Transactions. Specific emphasis is placed on originality; contribution to the field; the extent to which the paper is supported by analysis and experimental evidence; and quality of presentation, including the effective use of illustrations.

  • Y. Li, 2014. 2nd place prize awarded for the paper “Active Harmonic Filtering Using Current Controlled Grid-Connected DG Units with Closed-Loop Power Control,” IEEE Trans. on Power Electronics, vol. 29, pp. 642-653, Feb, 2014. Authored by J. He (PhD), Y. W. Li, X. Wang, and F. Blaabjerg

IEEE W.R.G. Baker Prize

The IEEE W.R.G. Baker Award was established in 1956 and is presented by the IEEE Board of Directors for the most outstanding paper reporting original work published in any IEEE archival publications (such as TRANSACTIONS, JOURNALS and LETTERS), MAGAZINES, or PROCEEDINGS. The paper must have been published during a three to five year window prior to the presentation year of the award on the fundamentals of electrical engineering, electronics, computing, and related arts and sciences as represented by IEEE. No more than one award may be given in any year.

  • W. Grover, 1999. IEEE Baker Prize Award for the paper"Self-organizing Broadband transport networks" (October 1997 IEEE Proceedings).

IEEE Signal Processing Society - Best Paper Award

The Best Paper Award honors the author(s) of a paper of exceptional merit dealing with a subject related to the Society's technical scope, and appearing in one of the Society's solely owned Transactions.

  • S. Vorobyov, 2004. Awarded for the paper "Robust adaptive beamforming using worst-case performance optimization, authored by S. Vorobyov, A. Gershman and Z.Q. Luo, Feb. 2003.

IEEE Signal Processing Society - Young Author Best Paper Award

The Young Author Best Paper Award honors the author(s) of an especially meritorious paper dealing with a subject related to the Society's technical scope and appearing in one of the Society's solely owned Transactions and who, upon the date of submission of the paper, is less than 30 years of age.

  • H. Zhao, 2008. Awarded for the paper "Behavior Forensics for Scalable Multiuser Collusion: Fairness versus Effectiveness" IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security, authored by H.V. Zhao and K.J.R. Liu, Sept. 2006.

IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society "R. W. P. King Award"

The R. W. P. King Award is given to an author under 35 years of age for the best paper published in the IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation during the previous year.

  • A. K. Iyer, 2008. Awarded for the paper "A multi-layer negative-refractive-index transmission-line (NRI-TL) metamaterial free-space lens at X-Band, IEEE Trans. Antennas Propagation., vol. 55, no. 10, pp. 2746-2753, Oct. 2007, authored by A. K. Iyer and and G. V. Eleftheriades.

IEEE Power and Energy Society Prize Paper Award

The PES Prize Paper Award is awarded to the authors of the two most outstanding papers published in the previous three years in the IEEE Power Engineering Society Transactions (Trans. On Energy Conversion, Trans. on Power Delivery, and Trans. on Power Systems).

  • Knight, 2008. Awarded for the paper "Investigation and Simulation of Fields in Large Salient Pole Synchronous Generators with Skewed Stator Slots" IEEE Trans. On Energy Conversions, Vol 20, No 3, Sept. 2005, pp 604-610, co-authored by H. Karmaker and A.M. Knight.
  • W. Xu, 2006

IET A.H. Reeves Premium Award

  • W. Krzymien, 1991. Awarded for paper: "Simulation study of trellis-coded transceivers for high-bit-rate digital subscriber loops", IET Proceedings - Part I: Communications, Speech & Vision, vol. 138, no. 6, Dec. 1991, pp. 503-510, co-authored by T.D. Bilodeau, W.A. Krzymień.