National Awards and Recognition

Canadian Council of the Arts

  • W. Pedrycz, Killam Prize, 2013. The Killam prize is awarded annually (5 awards in all of Canada) in recognition of outstanding career achievements.

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) Awards

The NSERC E. W. R. Steacie Fellowships are awarded to enhance the career development of outstanding and highly promising university faculty who are earning a strong international reputation for original research. Every year, NSERC awards up to six Steacie Fellowships that are held for a two-year period. Successful fellows are relieved of teaching and administrative duties, so that they can devote all their time and energy to research

  • W. Grover, NSERC E. W. R. Steacie Fellowship Award Award, 2001-2002

The NSERC Doctoral Prizes awards to recognize excellence in student research in the natural sciences and engineering. These prestigious awards honour the achievements of Canada's most promising scientists and engineers.

  • V. Van, NSERC Doctoral Prize, 2001

IEEE Canada Awards

  • W. Xu, IEEE Canada Electric Power Medal, 2013. Recognizes outstanding Canadian engineers recognized for their important contributions to the field of electric power engineering.
  • W. Pedrycz, IEEE Canada Computer Engineering Silver Medal Award, 2008. Recognizes outstanding Canadian engineers for their important contributions to the field of computer engineering and science.
  • W. Grover, IEEE Canada Outstanding Engineer Award, 1999. Presented to an outstanding Canadian engineer in recognition of their important contributions to Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Douglas R. Colton Award for Research Excellence

The Douglas R. Colton Medal for Research Excellence recognizes excellence in research leading to new understanding and novel developments in microsystems and related technologies, such as Photonics/Optoelectronics, Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS), Microelectronics, Microfluidics and Embedded Software, or the application of microsystems and related technologies in Canada.

  • D. Elliott, 2001