Clinical (Year 3)

Clerkship Program Year 3

The Year 3 Family Medicine Clerkship Rotation provides senior medical students with an opportunity to consolidate their skills in assessment and management of the wide range of illnesses and concerns presenting to a primary care physician in a variety of practice locations. Objectives for this rotation are framed around the following CANMEDS-FMU:

Four weeks in a rural rotation and four weeks in an urban/suburban location.

Structured educational sessions, including:
  • orientation and introduction,
  • large group session on musculoskeletal, and palliative care and
  • student project presentations on core Family Medicine topics.
Urban Program Contact Information

Dr. Ann Lee
Clerkship Director (Urban)

Bora Kim
Undergraduate Program & Contracts Coordinator 

Rural and Regional Program Contact Information

For all enquiries regarding rural sites or accommodations, contact:

Darren Nichols
Clerkship Coordinator

Jill Konkin

Rattan Dhillon
Administrative Assistant, Rural & Regional Health

For more information about the Rural & Regional program, please contact the Office of Rural & Regional Health.