Congratulations, H&C Grad Student Claire Thomson - Winner of the BMO Financial Group Graduate Scholarship

The Faculty and Staff in the Department of History and Classics would like to extend our warm congratulations, Claire!

11 September 2018

Congratulations - H&C Grad Student Claire Thomson wins the BMO Financial Group Graduate Scholarship

The awards committee of FGSR recently awarded Claire Thomson, PhD student in History supervised by Professor Sarah Carter, the highly prestigious BMO Financial Group Graduate Scholarship, worth $20,000.

Claire Thomson's dissertation is focused on the Lakota, who live in the borderlands of the Canadian province Saskatchewan and the US states of Montana, North and South Dakota. By studying oral histories and archival records of Lakota communities, she works toward charting a network of relationships based on gender, kinship over time and place that constitutes the Lakota `Tamakoče' (homeland, community and relationships), a lived experience that sustains a realm of belonging which goes beyond the geopolitical boundaries set by provincial and federal governments.

The BMO Graduate Scholarship recognizes superior academic achievement and demonstrated research ability or research potential in graduate students. This university-wide award is very competitive and only one scholarship is granted annually. The award therefore represents Claire's significant accomplishments in her PhD research.

Accept our warm congratulations, Claire!