Meet Dr. Adam Kemezis!

19 November 2020

1. Where are you from and how did you end up in your field? 
I’m from New York City, via lots of other places, and I’ve been a Classics geek since I was a kid, so I just kind of kept at it.
2. What is your current area of research? 
I work on historical writing and political culture from the Roman Imperial period. Right now I’m working on how Tacitus and other writers around 100 CE tell stories about father-son relationships, and how that reflects changes in monarchical succession at the time.
3. What are your hobbies? 
Cycling, listening to classical music
4. What advice would you give incoming students?
It’s a really rough time to start University with COVID, and you’re doing an awesome job just hanging in there the best you can. Don’t forget to enjoy the stuff you’re studying, whether it’s literature or art or whatever. And start early on Latin and/or Greek!