Three things Cameron Chell knows about leadership

Renowned speaker and entrepreneur will be visiting the U of A to share his insights on how to achieve the impossible.

Laura Vega - 23 September 2019

On October 4, as part of the Alberta Health Services Leadership Series, entrepreneur, author and speaker Cameron Chell is coming to campus. Born in Fort McLeod, Alberta and currently residing with his family in Venice, California, Chell has garnered international accolades for his keen eye for business and his inspiring personal story.

Here are three things in which Cameron Chell is a true expert and reasons to learn more from him at his upcoming talk "How do we do impossible?"

1. Innovative thinking

Cameron Chell is considered a 'serial entrepreneur' with his first ventures beginning at age 14 and a trajectory in business that spans more than 25 years. He is the co-founder and CEO of the Business Instincts Group (BIG) and has launched numerous successful tech start-ups such as Draganfly Innovations, ColdBore Technologies, Raptor Rig, Urthecast and ICOx Innovations. His entrepreneurial success is based on principles of clear vision, quantifiable results and tireless pursuit of goals. Additionally, Chell is chairman and co-founder of KODAKOne, a blockchain-based image rights management platform for professional photographers, and has served as an advisor to KODAKCoin cryptocurrency.

In 2016, his project Urthecast was awarded the number 1 Technology Company by Deloitte for the creation of the first-ever live video of Earth.

2. Sharing his experience with others

A sought-after speaker, Chell has addressed audiences of thousands in settings around the world. His presentations include speeches at the United Nations and at TEDx Montreal Women. His talks touch on themes ranging from technology to homelessness as he shares his life experiences of overcoming hurdles and doing "the impossible."

A thought leader, Chell shares insights based not just on his business experience but also his life experience, which has seen him living a jet-set lifestyle as a self-made multimillionaire, to losing it all and then regaining it back again.

3. Overcoming adversity

After the 9/11 attacks in 2001, which he witnessed first-hand at the World Trade Center, Chell began a battle with addiction. He went from accomplishment and self-made success to a life of substance abuse, losing everything and living on the streets of Vancouver's East End.

His journey towards recovery will be the centre of his upcoming talk "How do we do impossible?" on October 4. Chell will share how, with just a few dollars and the will to survive and focus on "the next thing," he was able to transform his life. Chell's message aims to inspire his audience to tackle significant challenges in their personal and professional lives.

Event Details

How Do We Do Impossible? | Presentation by Cameron Chell

Friday, October 4, 2019

7 - 9 a.m.

Bernard Snell Hall, Walter C. Mackenzie Centre

A leadership roundtable discussion will follow the presentation.

Roundtable Panel Members include:

David Zygun, Edmonton Zone Medical Director

Verna Yiu, President and CEO, Alberta Health Services

Dawn Hartfield, Associate Zone Medical Director

Curtis Johnston, Associate Zone Medical Director

David Price and Teri Price

More information and videoconferencing locations here.