Youth Workshops

In an effort to encourage high school students from Northern communities to explore the possibilities of post-secondary education, Engage North has developed a summer initiative that allows Northern Indigenous high school students to visit Edmonton to tour several post-secondary institutions. The participating campuses include the University of Alberta (North Campus and Augustana Campus), NAIT and Grant MacEwan University. These visits include in-depth campus tours and participation in several hands-on workshops, such as exploring the nursing student facilities at the U of A and an EMT ambulance simulation at NAIT. Students are introduced to Indigenous faculty members at the U of A, and are shown the wide range of support facilities for Aboriginal youth at all post-secondary institutions, such as the U of A's Aboriginal Student Council and First People's House. Students are also introduced to different aspects of university-level research, including groundwater research conducted in the Natural Resources Engineering Facility, live fish and marine species research with the Biological Sciences department, and cultural and fashion research done in the Human Ecology Department. Outside of exploring post-secondary options in Edmonton, students are also shown some of the activities the city has to offer, including a tour of the Art Gallery of Alberta and Sands on Whyte.

From all of these experiences, Engage North is committed to showing students what possibilities exist in Edmonton and the support they have access to at the U of A and other post-secondary institutions in Edmonton.

If you are interested in setting up a visit to Edmonton for Northern Indigenous high school students, please contact Maggie Glasgow (