Faculty of Nursing Alumna Horizon Award Recipient: Marnie Colborne

The Alumni Awards recognize exceptional contributions and tell the stories of our exceptional alumni, inspiring us all to do great things

Allie Voisin - 5 June 2019

University of Alberta Faculty of Nursing alumna Marnie Colborne is one of the recipients of the University of Alberta's Alumni Horizon Awards. Her exceptional work co-founding Youthnited Nations with fellow alumna, Saige Godberson, focuses on building international healthcare clinics in a sustainable way.

The Alumni Awards recognize the contributions of alumni who use their education towards bettering society through professional achievements, innovation, and community service. Colborne's dedication towards empowering and engaging youth in achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) as outlined by the United Nations, honours the spirit of those that founded the University of Alberta, who call on us to create a positive impact through our actions.

Through educational initiatives, community action, and volunteerism, Youthnited Nations is demonstrating the crucial role youth play in targeting many of the factors related to social development, such as poverty, good health and well-being, and economic sustainability.

Colborne says that Youthnited Nations' main focus is currently on a remote community in Uganda, primarily comprised of widows and children. They're collaborating with Uganda Partnership to create viable change and community capacity by educating and training local nurses to work in the sustainable health care clinic that they are currently fundraising to build. The project involves developing healthcare resources, accessibility, and clinic construction with the hope of empowering the women and children within the community through employment opportunities and continued education.

Once this project in completed, Colborne plans to continue to build more sustainable international health care clinics, and to eventually make her way back to the University of Alberta to further her education.

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Would you like to learn more about engaging and empowering youth in achieving the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals? Visit https://www.youthnitednations.com/ to join the movement and/or stay up-to-date.