Celebrating Teaching: Eloïse Aubin-Ferrier

Get to know Assistant Teaching Professor Eloïse Aubin-Ferrier who teaches undergraduate bilingual nursing students a little better through this Q & A.

Allie Voisin - 17 January 2022

University of Alberta Faculty of Nursing Assistant Teaching Professor Eloïse Aubin-Ferrier loves the variety and different avenues the profession of nursing has to offer. In addition to teaching bilingual nursing students, Aubin-Ferrier is a Nurse Practitioner and is passionate about building trust with the patients she cares for. She hopes to inspire her students to go above and beyond with their patients as nursing leaders of tomorrow. 

Hear from Aubin-Ferrier on why she fell in love with Nursing, her advice for nursing students, and more through this Q & A.

What do you teach?

I teach in the undergraduate bilingual nursing program, I have had the opportunity to teach in SC INF 221, SC INF 220, NURS 125, NURS 335 and SC INF 327. 

What do you love about Nursing?

Nursing offers the opportunity to work in a variety of work settings. Whether it's a hospital, a physician's office, or a long term care home it's nice to have choices about where you get to work. Additionally, within a single hospital setting, nurses can work in the operating room, in critical care, or in the emergency room as well as explore specialties like pediatrics, psychiatry, or oncology. Finally, advancement opportunities are plentiful for nurses who aspire to certify in a nursing specialty or complete their Masters of Nursing and become a Nurse Practitioner or  Clinical Nurse Specialist. It's rare to find so much variety and opportunity in a single occupation. 

What inspires your passion for Nursing?

I used to work as a labour and delivery nurse, and I loved being part of such an important moment in my patients’ life and participating in such a meaningful way. Nowadays, in addition to teaching in the Nursing program, I also practice as a Nurse Practitioner. My joy is caring for my patients, and the trust that develops with that relationship. They fulfill me, and I feel a sense of reward when I can help provide the care they deserve. 

What is one thing your students or colleagues don’t know about you?

I was a competitive dancer during my youth and teens. I then continued to teach and choreograph a variety of dance styles for competitive dance students for 10+ years.

Where is your favourite place on campus?

In general, I like being at my home base, ECHA. I love that everything I need is all in one place, including my coffee at Starbucks. 

If you had one piece of advice to give yourself as a student what would it be?

Do one thing every day that restores your energy. Students are so busy with school, work and their personal life that they can find it difficult to find time for themselves. My advice would be to carve out some time during the day to unplug, unwind and rejuvenate your mental health and physical health.