April 2024 Pinning Ceremony

Nursing leaders of tomorrow are welcomed to the profession.

3 May 2024

On April 11, more than 200 undergraduate students from the Faculty of Nursing   gathered with pride and anticipation for the Pinning Ceremony. This time-honoured tradition connects generations of past, present and future nurses in an unbroken chain of commitment to patient care, signifying their readiness to begin their nursing careers. 

Associate Dean, Faculty of Nursing Undergraduate Program Dr. Beverley Temple was Master of Ceremonies for the event, which was organized by the undergraduate program. Indigenous Knowledge Keeper Hazel McKennitt provided a blessing, while Interim Vice-Dean Joanne Olson conveyed greetings from the Dean's office.

Following a welcome to the attendees, representatives from the three nursing programs each shared a message on behalf of their peers. Representing the Bilingual program were Shae Hoolahan, Marike Henderson, Célina Bouchard and Sara Mack-Peters. Sarah Beatty and Raphael Mercado represented the Collaborative program. The Honors program was represented by Mikayla Barber, Cassie Barber, and Maya Abdou spoke on behalf of the Honors Program. 

Each pin that was presented to students was small but carried considerable significance. The pins are not only a symbol of the transition from student of nursing to the profession, they represent the relationship of trust between the nurse and patient; a reminder of the privilege of caring for the well-being of another. Each pin colour—gold, silver and bronze—represents one of the undergraduate programs. In addition to receiving a pin for their program, each Indigenous student also received a hand-beaded rosehip pin, created by Métis artist Krista Leddy. 

While on their nursing education journey, these students have been fortunate to be supported by many preceptors, fieldwork mentors, faculty members and staff; thank you to everyone who helped them achieve this milestone. 

We are so proud of this class of these nursing leaders of tomorrow, and look forward to their contributions to the lives of their patients and their chosen profession.