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Barakat, Khaled
Assistant Professor
Pharmaceutical Sciences 780-492-5783
Beahm, Nathan
Clinical Assistant Professor
Bertholet, Renette
Clinical Associate Professor, Community Preceptor/Site Coordinator, Experiential Education
Pharmacy Practice 780-492-8066
Bharadia, Morgan
Clinical Assistant Professor
Pharmacy Practice
Breault, René
Clinical Associate Professor and Director, PharmD for Practicing Pharmacists Program
Pharmacy Practice 780-492-0544
Brocks, Dion
Professor and Associate Dean/UG Student Affairs
Pharmaceutical Sciences 780-492-2953
Charrois, Theresa
Clinical Associate Professor
Pharmacy Practice 780-248-5669
Cor, Ken
Assistant Dean, Assessment
Pharmacy Practice 780-983-3034
Davies, Neal
Professor and Dean
Pharmacy Practice, Pharmaceutical Sciences 780-221-0828
Doschak, Michael
Professor, Assistant Dean International
Biomedical Engineering, Dentistry and Dental Hygiene Pharmaceutical Sciences 780-492-8758
El-Kadi, Ayman
Professor and Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Studies
Pharmaceutical Sciences 780-492-3071
Guirguis, Lisa
Associate Professor
Pharmacy Practice 780-492-9693
Hall, Jill
Clinical Associate Professor, Assistant Dean, Professional Programs
Medicine Pharmacy Practice 780-492-7559
Hughes, Christine
Pharmacy Practice 780-492-5903
Jamali, Fakhreddin
Professor Emeritus
Pharmaceutical Sciences 780-492-2807
Jurasz, Paul
Associate Professor
Pharmacology Pharmaceutical Sciences 780-492-2120
Kiang, Tony
Assistant Professor, Translational Pharmacotherapy
Pharmaceutical Sciences 780-492-1685
Lavasanifar, Afsaneh
Pharmaceutical Sciences 780-492-2742
Leslie, Tara
Clinical Assistant Professor
Pharmacy Practice 403-818-7490 (Wednesday - Friday)
Loebenberg, Raimar
Professor, Director of the Drug Development and Innovation Centre (DDIC)
Pharmaceutical Sciences 780-492-1255
Mahmoud, Sherif
Clinical Associate Professor
Pharmacy Practice 780-492-5364
Makhinova, Tatiana
Assistant Professor
Pharmacy Practice 780-492-7838
Makowsky, Mark
Associate Professor
Pharmacy Practice 780-492-1735
Necyk, Candace
Clinical Associate Professor
Pharmacy Practice 780-492-8452
Ogbogu, Ubaka
Associate Professor
Sadowski, Cheryl
Pharmacy Practice 780-492-5078
Sanghera-Grewal, Ravina
Clinical Associate Professor & Assistant Dean of Programs and Student Services
Pharmacy Practice 780-492-0947
Schindel, Theresa
Associate Clinical Professor
Pharmacy Practice 780-492-6134
Seubert, John
Pharmacology Pharmaceutical Sciences 780-492-0007
Shkrobot, Jody
Clinical Assistant Professor
Pharmacy Practice 780.492.7482
Simpson, Scot
Professor, Patient Chair in Health Management
Pharmacy Practice 780-492-7538
Siraki, Arno
Pharmaceutical Sciences 780-248-1591
Thompson, Ann
Clinical Associate Professor & Assistant Dean, Experiential Education
Pharmacy Practice 780-492-5905
Ussher, John
Associate Professor, Tier 2 CIHR Chair
Pharmaceutical Sciences 780-800-8391
Velazquez Martinez, Carlos A.
Associate Professor
Pharmaceutical Sciences 780-248-1557
Yuksel, Nese
Pharmacy Practice 780-492-4442