Biopharmaceutics and Drug Delivery

Biopharmaceutics & Drug Delivery

Pharmaceutical industry has undergone some major changes in last five to seven years. Companies increasingly seek collaboration with universities to enrich their pipelines and find solutions for their technological challenges.

The DDIC Advantage

DDIC is able to provide regional partnership to global companies. With its successful track record of working with numerous global and local partners, DDIC offers the infrastructure and intellectual support to companies by identifying the right collaboration opportunities. The centre is unique in its technological capabilities and its mandate to bridge the gap between industry and academia through collaborative research.

DDIC's current focus of industrial relevance lies with the following developments:

  • Development of prototype and clinical dosage forms (for animal toxicity and Phase 1 Clinical trials)
  • Development of novel drug delivery platforms such as Nano-delivery platforms (nano-conjugates and nano-particles).
  • Development of analytical methods for better testing of advanced dosage forms.
  • Development of In Vivo - In Vitro Correlation (IVIVC).

Product Development

The center can provide product development/ formulation development support for a variety of dosage forms:
  • Sterile dosage forms: Small volume parenteral; large volume parenteral
  • Semi solids and liquids: Nasal, Nebulised, Ophthalmic, Otic, Topical/ wound care
  • Solid dosage forms: Tablets, Capsules, Powders, Granules.

Analytical Development

DDIC is equipped to provide performance characterization support for conventional as well as novel dosage forms.
The centre has expertise in:

  • Dissolution testing (including Flow Through cells and Franz Cells)
  • Disintegration testing
  • Stability testing
  • Accelerated stability analysis (using Conventional ICH conditions or Isothermal Micro-calorimetry for stability screening)
  • Analytical method development using HPLC and Other quality control tests for dosage forms.
  • The center has access to LC-MS and NMR facilities

Regulatory Support

The Centre offers regulatory support to collaborating researchers and companies in the following areas:

  • Clinical Trials Applications
  • Regulatory submissions
  • Pharmacopeial testing
  • Quality and compliance assessment

DDIC also collaborates with other Alberta centres and organizations with drug development and clinical research to ensure the seamless transition of projects through different stages.