NHP Development Program

Challenges for NHP Industry in Canada

Rapid changes for NHPs' regulatory business scenarios have companies increasingly seek collaborative partnerships with external organizations to stay competitive. Several key trends face the Canadian Natural Health Products industry:

  • convergence between Canadian pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries in with the new Health Canada regulations
  • need for innovative products to maintain the competitive edge
  • technological and strategic challenges: NHP industry still faces many challenges in the areas of processing, characterization, manufacturing and need for innovative technologies for product differentiation
  • high concentration of small and medium enterprises with limited capability for initial investment

In Alberta about 60 per cent of the companies are small sized (one to 25 employees) and 35 per cent are midsized companies (26 to100 employees). About five per cent are large companies (more than 100 employees). SMEs face challenges in their limited capability to invest in infrastructure and recruit highly qualified personnel.

The DDIC Advantage

DDIC offers unique solutions to Canadian NHP industry to meet the challenges of the changing landscape and to gain the competitive edge in the global arena. The product development, analytical and regulatory solutions offered by DDIC are especially suitable for small to medium scale enterprises. Key solutions offered by DDIC are presented in figure below.