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PHIL 101 and PHIL 102 are our two standard introductory courses, and sections of both courses are offered each term. In PHIL 101, you will be introduced to philosophy through ethical and political questions, such as: Is killing ever justified? Do I have moral obligations toward non-human animals? Do I have a duty to obey an unjust law? What would a just society look like? In PHIL 102, you will be introduced to philosophy through questions about knowledge and reality, such as: What is knowledge? Are all beliefs equal? Are human beings free? What is the relation between mind and matter? How do we know that other minds exist?

We also offer both symbolic and practical logic coursesIn PHIL 120, you will learn to examine ordinary language carefully and systematically, translating it into symbolic notation, a process that will help you appreciate the structure of argumentation and reasoning. In PHIL 125, you will improve your critical thinking skills by analyzing different kind of arguments found in real world examples and learning how to spot and avoid fallacies.

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