Chairs of PhD Comprehensive Committees 2023 -2024

Ancient philosophy: Phil Corkum (Fall), Amy Schmitter (Winter)
Medieval philosophy: Phil Corkum (Fall), Matthew Kostelecky (Winter)
17th and 18th century philosophy: Amy Schmitter
19th and early 20th century philosophy: Jennifer Welchman
20th century analytic philosophy: Ingo Brigandt
20th century continental philosophy: Marie-Eve Morin
Social and political philosophy: Jorge Sanchez Perez
Feminist philosophy: Amy Schmitter
Ethics: Howard Nye
Philosophy of religion: Neil Dalal
Aesthetics: Jennifer Welchman
Philosophy of science: Ingo Brigandt
Philosophy of language: Katalin Bimbo
Metaphysics: Phil Corkum (Fall), Ingo Brigandt (Winter)
Epistemology: Jorge Sanchez Perez
Logic: Katalin Bimbo
Philosophy of mind: Howard Nye