Degree Program

See the University Calendar for the general Faculty requirements for a major or minor, in addition to the Philosophy Department's specific requirements below.

  1. Philosophy as a major requires a minimum of *30 to a maximum of *48 at the senior level in PHIL. Students selecting Philosophy as a major are required to take the following courses (note if PHIL 120 is selected to meet a. below, it is a junior level course that does not apply to the *30 senior level requirement):
    a. one of PHIL 120, 220, or 325 (Formal Reasoning);
    b. two of PHIL 230, 240, 333, 336, 343 (History of Philosophy);
    c. one of PHIL 200, 205, or 215 (Metaphysics/Mind/Epistemology requirement) and one of PHIL 250, 270, 280 or 350 (Ethics/Political Philosophy/Aesthetics requirement); and
    d. *6 at the 400-level.
  2. Philosophy as a minor requires a minimum of *12 to a maximum of *42 in PHIL at the senior level including:
    a. at least *6 at the 200-level; and
    b. at least *6 at the 300- or 400-level.

In no case can more than one reading course (ie. *3) be applied toward satisfying major or minor requirements.

  1. 400-level PHIL courses offered by St. Joseph's College may not be applied to the 400-level requirement for a major or minor in Philosophy.