Other Academics

On this page you will find our Academic Teaching Staff, Adjunct and Affiliated Faculty, and Emeriti and Retired Faculty.

Academic Teaching Staff

Peter Andes
(PhD, University of Alberta)

Specialization: Moral and Political Philosophy, Existentialism
Office: Assiniboia Hall 2-27

Richard Kover
(PhD, Leuven)

Specialization: Environmental Philosophy, Philosophy of Technology, Psychoanalytic Theory, Religious Existentialism, Political and Cultural Theory, Philosophical Anthropology
Office: Assiniboia Hall 2-45
E-mail: kover@ualberta.ca

Chris Lepock
(PhD, University of Alberta)

Specialization: Epistemology, Logic
Office: Assiniboia Hall 2-27
E-mail: clepock@ualberta.ca

Michael Lockhart
(PhD, University of Alberta)

Specialization: Epistemology
Office: Assiniboia Hall 2-27
E-mail: mikel@ualberta.ca

Jay Worthy
(PhD, University of Alberta)

Specialization: Continental Philosophy, Ethics
Office: Assiniboia Hall 2-29
E-mail: jworthy@ualberta.ca

Adjunct and Affiliated Faculty

Brett Buchanan
(Professor of Philosophy & Dean of Arts, Concordia University of Edmonton)

Specialization: Contemporary Continental Philosophy, Ethics, Environmental Humanities, and Animal Studies
E-mail: brett.buchanan@concordia.ab.ca

Don Carmichael
(Professor Emeritus, Political Science, University of Alberta)

Specialization: Political Philosophy, particularly the history of Western political thought, contemporary normative political philosophy (especially topics of rights and justice), selected major thinkers (Aristotle, Hobbes, Rawls, Taylor)
Email: Don.Carmichael@ualberta.ca

Jeffrey Dudiak
(Professor, Philosophy, The King's University)

Specialization: Contemporary Continental Philosophy (especially Levinas), Philosophy of Religion, Ethics.
E-mail: jeffrey.dudiak@kingsu.ca

Travis Dumsday
(Assistant Professor, Philosophy,
Concordia University of Edmonton)

Specialization: Philosophy of Science, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Religion, Natural Theology, Scholastic tradition (Medieval and Contemporary)
E-mail: travis.dumsday@concordia.ab.ca

Edwin Etieyibo
(Professor, Philosophy,
University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa)

Specialization: Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy, African Philosophy
Office: Assiniboia Hall 2-51
E-mail: etieyibo@ualberta.ca

James Gaa
(Professor Emeritus, Accounting, Alberta School of Business)

Specialization: Business and Professional Ethics (especially the accounting profession and codes of professional ethics), Ethics and Public Policymaking (with a focus on theoretical aspects of setting professional standards) and Behavioral Ethics
E-mail: james.gaa@ualberta.ca

Allen Hazen
(PhD, University of Pittsburgh)

Specialization: Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mathematics, Logic, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mind, Epistemology, History of Philosophy
E-mail: aphazen@ualberta.ca

Cressida Heyes
(Professor, Political Science, University of Alberta)

Specialization: Feminist Philosophy, Social and Political Philosophy, Philosophies of the Body, Foucault, Wittgenstein
E-mail: cressida.heyes@ualberta.ca

Matthew Kostelecky
(Associate Professor, Philosophy, St. Joseph's College,
University of Alberta)

Specialization: Medieval Philosophy (especially theories of cognition in the later middle ages), Philosophical Anthropology, Philosophy of Religion.
E-mail: kostelec@ualberta.ca

Nathan Kowalsky
(Associate Professor, Philosophy, St. Joseph's College,
University of Alberta)

Specialization: Environmental Philosophy and Ethics, Philosophy of Religion and Philosophical Theology, Philosophy of Culture, Philosophy of Technology.
E-mail: nek@ualberta.ca

Janet Wesselius
(Associate Professor, Philosophy, Augustana Faculty,
University of Alberta)

Specialization: Feminist epistemology and philosophy of science; feminist theory.
E-mail: janet.wesselius@ualberta.ca

Emeriti and Retired Faculty

Richard Bosley †
(PhD, University of Gottingen)
Professor Emeritus
Specialization: Aristotelian Logic, Ancient and Medieval philosophy, Philosophy of Language, Ancient Chinese Philosophy.
E-mail: richard.bosley@ualberta.ca
Robert Burch
(PhD, University of Toronto)
Professor Emeritus
19th and 20th Century Continental Philosophy (especially Heidegger and Hegel), Phenomenology, Philosophy of Technology, Philosophy and Literature, Kant.
Office: Assiniboia Hall 2-44, (780) 492-3307
E-mail: robert.burch@ualberta.ca
Allen Carlson
(PhD, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)

Professor Emeritus
Aesthetics, Environmental Philosophy, Epistemology.
E-mail: allen.carlson@ualberta.ca

Ferrel Christensen
(PhD, University of Indiana)

Professor Emeritus
Philosophy of Science.
E-mail: ferrel.christensen@ualberta.ca

Wesley Cooper
(PhD, University of Calgary)

Professor Emeritus
Moral Philosophy, Social and Political Philosophy, William James, Robert Nozick.
E-mail: wes.cooper@ualberta.ca

Glenn Griener
(PhD, University of Western Ontario)

Associate Professor retired
Specialization: Biomedical Ethics, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Social Science.
E-mail: glenn.griener@ualberta.ca

Bruce Hunter
(PhD, Brown University)

Associate Professor Retired
Specialization: Theory of Knowledge, History of Philosophy.
E-mail: bruce.hunter@ualberta.ca

Bernard Linsky
(PhD, Stanford University)

Professor Emeritus
: Philosophical Logic, Metaphysics, Early Analytic Philosophy (especially Bertrand Russell), Philosophy of Language.
Office: Assiniboia Hall 2-44, (780) 492-3307
E-mail: bernard.linsky@ualberta.ca

Cameron Mackenzie
(MLitt, University of Edinburgh)
Associate Professor Retired
Specialization: Ethics.
E-mail: jcm_wynd@yahoo.co.uk
Adam Morton 
(PhD, Princeton University)
Professor Emeritus
Specialization: Epistemology, Decision Theory, the boundary between Ethics and Philosophy of Mind.
Jeff Pelletier
Professor Emeritus
: Philosophy of Logic and Language, Modern Philosophical Analysis, Computational Linguistics, Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science, Ancient Philosophy.
E-mail: jeff.pelletier@ualberta.ca
Alexander Rueger
(PhD, Phil. University of Konstanz)
Professor Emeritus
: History and Philosophy of Science (especially Physics), Kant, History of Aesthetics.
E-mail: alex.rueger@ualberta.ca
Peter A. Schouls
(PhD, University of Toronto)
Professor Emeritus
Specialization: Enlightenment Concepts such as Freedom, Progress, Revolution; Environmental Philosophy, History of Modern Philosophy.
E-mail: pschouls@telus.net
David Sharp
(PhD, Princeton University)
Associate Professor Retired
Specialization: Philosophy of Science, Logic.
E-mail: david.sharp@ualberta.ca
Roger Shiner
(PhD, Cambridge University)
Professor Emeritus
Specialization: Philosophy of Law, Greek Philosophy, Aesthetics.
E-mail: rshiner@exchange.ubc.ca
Martin Tweedale
(PhD, University of California, Los Angeles)
Professor Emeritus
Specialization: Medieval Scholastic Philosophy, particularly Logic, Metaphysics and the Interpretation of Aristotle, Ancient Greek Philosophy.
E-mail: martin.tweedale@ualberta.ca
Fred Van De Pitte
(PhD, University of Southern California)
Professor Emeritus
Specialization: Descartes, Kant, Modern Philosophy.
Margaret Van De Pitte
(PhD, University of Southern California)
Professor Emeritus
Specialization: Aesthetics, Contemporary European Philosophy, Philosophy of the Environment.