This page lists our continuing faculty members and lecturers. You will find information regarding other academics (academic teaching staff, postdoctoral fellows, adjunct and affiliated faculty, and emeriti and retired faculty), administrative staff and graduate students on each of their corresponding pages.
Katalin Bimbo
PhD, Indiana University, Bloomington


Specialization: Logic (philosophical, mathematical, computational) and Foundations of Mathematics, Philosophy of Computer Science and Informatics.
Office: Assiniboia Hall 2-64, (780) 492-3307
E-mail: bimbo@ualberta.ca

Ingo Brigandt
PhD, University of Pittsburgh

Professor & Director of Graduate Programs 

Specialization: Philosophy of Biology, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Mind, Epistemology, Feminist Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Language.
Office: Assiniboia Hall 2-47, (780) 492-3307
E-mail: brigandt@ualberta.ca

Phil Corkum
PhD, University of California,
Los Angeles

Associate Professor & Director of Undergraduate Programs

Specialization: Ancient Philosophy, Metaphysics.
Office: Assiniboia Hall 2-66, (780) 492-3307
E-mail: phil.corkum@ualberta.ca

Neil Dalal
PhD, University of Texas, Austin

Associate Professor (Joint appointment: Philosophy and Religious Studies)

Specialization: Indian Philosophy, Advaita Vedanta, Yoga, Hinduism, History of Indian Religions.
Office: Assiniboia Hall 2-68, (780) 492-3307
E-mail: ndalal@ualberta.ca
Hassan Masoud
PhD, University of Alberta

Associate Lecturer

Specialization: Logic, Epistemology, Philosophy of Language.
Office: Assiniboia Hall 2-67, (780) 492-3307
E-mail: hassan.masoud@ualberta.ca

Marie-Eve Morin
Dr. Phil, Albert-Ludwigs Universität Freiburg

Professor & Vice Dean, Faculty of Arts

Specialization: 19th and 20th Century Continental Philosophy, Post-Structuralism, Deconstruction, Phenomenology, Existentialism, Structuralism, Philosophy of Literature.
Office: Assiniboia Hall 2-65, (780) 492-3307
E-mail: mmorin1@ualberta.ca

Howard Nye
PhD, University of Michigan

Associate Professor

Specialization: Metaethics, Moral Psychology, Normative Ethics, Political Philosophy, and Applied Ethics.
Office: Assiniboia Hall 2-59, (780) 492-3307
E-mail: hnye@ualberta.ca

Geoffrey Rockwell
PhD, University of Toronto

Professor (Joint appointment: Philosophy and Digital Humanities)

Specialization: Humanities Computing, Text Analysis and Philosophy of Technology.
Office: Arts & Convocation Hall 3-37, (780) 248-1209
E-mail: geoffrey.rockwell@ualberta.ca. Blog: theoreti.ca

Jorge Sanchez Perez
PhD, McMaster University

Assistant Professor & Honors Advisor

Specialization: Social Epistemology, Legal and Political Philosophy, Indigenous Philosophy, and Latin American Philosophy.
Office: Assiniboia Hall 2-46, (780) 492-3307
E-mail: jsanchezperez@ualberta.ca

Amy Schmitter
PhD, University of Pittsburgh


Specialization: History of Early Modern Philosophy, Philosophy of Art, History of Metaphysics, History of the Emotions, Feminist Approaches to the History of Philosophy.
Office: Assiniboia Hall 2-70, (780) 492-3307
E-mail: amy.schmitter@ualberta.ca

Jennifer Welchman
PhD, Johns Hopkins University

Professor & Interim Chair

Specialization: Ethics, History of Ethics, Environmental Ethics, Aesthetics
Office: Assiniboia Hall 2-69, (780) 492-3307
E-mail: welchman@ualberta.ca

Jack Zupko
PhD, Cornell University


Specialization: Medieval Philosophy, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Religion.
Office: Assiniboia Hall 2-55, (780) 492-0616
E-mail: zupko@ualberta.ca