Undergraduate Program

What is Philosophy?

Philosophy is the critical study of ideas, experiences, and institutions. Whether your inclinations are those of a mathematician, poet, scholar, or activist, there is certain to be an area of philosophy that will pique your interest. Unlike fields in which the memorization of facts or received theories figures prominently, philosophy is devoted to free inquiry. We value originality and creativity as well as the ability to express ideas clearly and convincingly. For this reason, philosophy offers excellent preparation for a wide range of careers. Philosophical experience will give you a distinct advantage in any profession that demands effective speaking and writing skills, incisive analysis of ideas and project proposals, and complex problem solving. But most importantly, philosophy will equip you to contribute meaningfully to the good of others through moral reflection and deliberation.

We offer a BA major, minor or specialized honors degree in philosophy. Honors students get to write an in-depth Honors Essay on a topic of their choosing under the direct supervision of a faculty member.

Information about our degree programs, major, minor and honors requirements can be found in the left menu under this page.

We hope you will take up some of the opportunities offered to you by the University of Alberta's Philosophy Department. For general information about undergraduate programs, please contact the Undergraduate advisor at philudgr@ualberta.ca. If you have questions about program requirements or want to discuss your course selection, please contact the Undergraduate Program Director. We're also always happy to talk to you in person!