Programs and Courses

Jorge Sanchez Perez speaks about his Winter 2023 seminar on The Epistemology of Groups (PHIL 401/501)

Neil Dalal introduces his Winter 2023 PHIL 301 course, "Happiness in Indian Philosophy"


Edwin Etieyibo introduces his Fall 2021 PHIL 217 course, "Biology, Society, and Values"

Neil Dalal Introduces His Fall 2021 Seminar in Indian Philosophy (PHIL 438/594)

Jennifer Welchman Introduces Her Winter 2022 Seminar in Aesthetics (PHIL 480/580)

Neil Dalal Introduces PHIL 202: Indian Philosophy

Matt Kostelecky speaks about his PHIL 436/536 seminar

Alan McLuckie Introduces PHIL 233: The Trial and Execution of Socrates

Hassan Masoud Introduces PHIL 203: Islamic Philosophy