Spring/Summer 2023

All Philosophy courses in Spring/Summer 2023 are in person, except for PHIL 250: Contemporary Ethical Issues and PHIL 120: Symbolic Logic, which are offered remotely using a combination of asynchronous activities and online synchronous meetings during scheduled class time. Spring courses will start on May 8 and Summer courses on July 10.

Spring 2023

PHIL 101 LEC A1 - Introduction to Philosophy: Values and Society

Prof. Thomas Oberle MW 11:00-11:50

PHIL 250 LEC 800 (REMOTE) - Contemporary Ethical Issues

Prof. Peter Andes MTWR 14:00-15:40

PHIL 265 LEC X01 - Philosophy of Science

Prof. Christopher Lepock MW 18:00-21:10

Summer 2023

PHIL 120 LEC 800 (REMOTE) - Symbolic Logic I

Prof. Hassan Masoud MW 18:00-21:10