MA Program

The M.A. degree requires course work and a thesis. Students with an honours B.A. degree in philosophy or the equivalent are required to complete six courses (two terms of course work). Those with less preparation may be required to take additional courses. Those with only a little background in philosophy may be admitted to a qualifying year of course work (typically eight courses), on the basis of which they may then be considered for the regular M.A. program.  After completing their course work, M.A. students typically spend four to eight months writing a thesis of 60-80 pages.      

All graduate students at the University of Alberta are required to complete eight hours of “Graduate Ethics Training.” Typically, this requirement will be satisfied by seminars, workshops, and a short on-line course, covering such topics as professional practices in teaching and peer review, academic integrity, academic discipline, human rights in the workplace, intellectual property rights, the authoring of a c.v., relations between graduate students and supervisors, etc.