Audrey and Randy Lomnes Early Career Endowment Award

A family’s multigenerational legacy at the University of Alberta has sparked new support for early career physics researchers thanks to the generosity of Randy (’64 BSc(Hons), ’65 MSc, ’71 PhD) and Audrey Lomnes. With ties to the University of Alberta going back 90 years, the Lomneses have placed an importance on education and passing their support on to the next generation. Randy Lomnes said, “My own life experiences have been very much influenced and enriched by the time I spent at the University of Alberta and specifically from my studies in physics. Although I did not build my career in physics, I feel that the knowledge that I obtained in that field has helped me in many ways.” Read more.

2020 Lomnes Early Career Endowment Award Recipient Daniel Charlebois
Daniel Charlebois

"The Randy and Audrey Lomnes Early Career Endowment Award in Physics will significantly advance my drug resistance research program by allowing me to recruit and retrain world-class personnel. The funds from this award will be used to hire a postdoctoral fellow with expertise in cutting-edge microbiology techniques and experience performing drug resistance experiments on pathogens. I am very grateful for this opportunity as postdoctoral fellows are not common in early career researcher-led groups. This award will enable my group to discover new treatments for patients with drug-resistant infections by providing the highly qualified personnel required to test predictions made by our physics-based mathematical models in the laboratory."  


Audrey and Randy Lomnes Early Career Endowment Award Recipients

Year Recipient
Description of Reseach
2020 Daniel Charlebois

Identifying and treating drug-resistant pathogens that cause disease in humans.