Hiroomi Umezawa Lecturer

Hiroomi Umezawa (1924 - 1995) theoretical physicist who worked and lived in Japan, United Kingdom, Finland, Italy, United States and Canada. A life-long scholar in Quantum Field theory and its applications, Dr. Umezawa was Killam Memorial Professor of Science at the University of Alberta (1975 - 1992). His family, friends and students established in his memory the Umezawa Fund to support studies in physics.

The Hiroomi Umezawa Memorial Distinguished Lecturer is hosted by the Theoretical Physics Institute at the University of Alberta.



Hiroomi Umezawa Memorial Distinguished Lecturers

Distinguished Lecturer
Institution Talk
October 2019 Steven M. Block Stanford University Optical Tweezers: Biophysics in a New Light
May 2017 Patrick H. Diamond University of California, San Diego Pattern formation in magnetically confined plasmas: why it matters
October 2016 Jorge E. Hirsch University of California, San Diego Meissner Effect in Superconductors: an Unrecognized Puzzle
March 2016 William Phillips University of Maryland and the National Institute of Standards and Technology Pushing and Twisting Atoms with Light
March 2014 Philipp Podsiadlowski University of Oxford From Supernova to Hypernova: Understanding Diversity
February 2013 Sebastien Balibar École Normale Supérieure When Matter Waves Become Visible: Superfluidity and Supersolidity
September 2010 Leonard Susskind Stanford University Quantum Mechanics, Horizons, and the Puzzle of Eternal Inflation
September 2007 Gordon Baym University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
March 2005 Gordon Sawatsky University of British Columbia
March 2005 Dennis Prieve Carnegie Mellon University
March 2005 Bill Unruh University of British Columbia
September 2004 Leo Kadanoff James Franck Institute, University of Chicago
March 2004 Barry Barish LIGO Laboratory, Caltech
2002 Eric Adelberger University of Washington
2000 Akira Tonomura Advanced Research Laboratory, Hitachi Ltd., Japan