Avadh Bhatia Postdoctoral Fellowship for Women


About the Avadh Bhatia Fellowship

The Avadh Bhatia Women's Postdoctoral Fellowship is conferred to a woman who is a recent PhD graduate with a demonstrated potential for excellence in research. It was established by the late Mrs. June Bhatia in memory of her late husband, Professor Avadh Bhatia. The award provides a $60,000.00 annual stipend for a maximum of two years. The annual stipend is 50% funded by an endowment and 50% provided by supervising faculty member(s).

All Recipients

Start Year
Recipient Supervisor Area
2022 Anffany Chen Igor Boettcher Condensed Matter Physics
2021 Liliana Rivera Sandoval Craig Heinke Astrophysics
2017 Yasaman Yazdi Don Page Astrophysics
2015 Chunhua Dong Michael Woodside Biophysics
2014 Veselina Kalinova Dimitrova Erik Rosolowsky Astrophysics
2013 Madeline Dana Lee Doug Schmitt Geophysics
2010 Jeanette Gladstone Craig Heinke Astrophysics
2009 Celine Cattoen Don Page Astrophysics
2008 Lyubov Titova Frank Hegmann Condensed Matter Physics
2007 Ning Liu Mark Freeman Condensed Matter Physics
2006 Holly Freedman Jack Tuszynski Condensed Matter Physics
2006 Amena Khan Mark Freeman Condensed Matter Physics
2006 Sulan Kuai Al Meldrum Condensed Matter Physics
2004 Jacinda Ginges Andrzej Czarnecki Subatomic Physics
2001 Stephanie Portet Jack Tuszynski Condensed Matter Physics
1998 Karoi Tanaka Frank Marsiglio Condensed Matter Physics
1995 Helenka Przysiezniak Frey James Pinfold Subatomic Physics
1991 Sharon Morsink Werner Israel Astrophysics