Travel Support for Practica

The MPH degree requires students to complete a field practicum of at least 13 weeks full-time equivalent. Relevant field practicum placements take place in a wide range of cross-sectoral settings. The School of Public Health offers travel support to students attending approved practicum sites outside of Alberta.


The School will provide up to $2,500 in travel support for round-trip travel to an approved practicum site outside Alberta.

The amount provided will be no greater than the cost of an economy round-trip fare from an Alberta or other Canadian departure point directly to the practicum locale, including related travel expenses. One-way travel will be covered up to an amount not to exceed ½ the cost of an economy round-trip fare.


The applicant must:
  • be an enrolled MPH student in the School of Public Health.
  • have a confirmed practicum placement outside Alberta for which the cost of travel is NOT being reimbursed by the host organization or any other source. 

Eligible expenses

The following expenses are eligible:

  1. Direct travel between the Canadian departure point (e.g., Edmonton or other community and the practicum destination). All travel must be at the lowest available cost. Personal vehicle transportation costs will be at University of Alberta standard rates up to the amount of a one-way or round-trip airfare as applicable.
  2. Overnight accommodation costs (only if required while in transit). As per University of Alberta policy, this is limited to single occupancy rate for standard accommodation or whatever class of accommodation is the least expensive.

The following expenses are not covered:

  1. Relocation within a province.
  2. Food, passports, visas and immunizations.
  3. Daily travel to a practicum setting. 


  • The student's practice coordinator will vet the complete application, including accompanying documentation, and confirm that the student meets all eligibility criteria. S/he will recommend approval of eligible costs.
  • The MPH practice program director will approve travel support recommendations, by signing the application, and will transfer it to the school administrator for processing.
  • The school administrator will contact the student to request additional information (if required) and/or to arrange payment. S/he will notify the student of documentation requirements for this funding.

Application submission and decision dates

To guarantee receipt of funding prior to departure, please follow the following application submission and decision dates:

Application Term Application Deadline
Applications are to be submitted on or before 4 p.m.
Fall July 20 August 1
Winter November 20 December 1
Spring/Summer March 20 April 1

If the applicable date falls on a weekend / holiday, applications are to be submitted no later than 4 p.m. on the next regular business day following the weekend/holiday.

Travel Support for Field Practicum Form

Submit your application to:

All documents must be submitted to Graduate Program Advisor, Office of Educational Programs, by email to

Attention: Travel Support for Practica