Rehab Med's brightest celebrated at 2016 awards gala

Educators, students awarded at annual Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine event.

FRM staff and students - 23 March 2016

Over 250 faculty, staff and students from the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine gathered Friday, March 19, at the Meridian Banquet Hall to recognize this year's finest. The event, hosted by the Rehabilitation Medicine Student Association (RMSA), honoured faculty, students and clinical educators from all three Rehab Med campuses: Edmonton, Calgary and Camrose.

"We have amazingly talented educators and students at our Faculty and they continually raise the bar," says. Bob Haennel, interim dean. "Our people, like those being honoured tonight, make a difference every day in the lives of their patients, students and peers, and it's important we take a moment to recognize them for their outstanding efforts."

Faculty Teaching Awards

The Department of Physical Therapy's Patricia (Trish) Manns received the Faculty Teaching Award for the dedication she has shown her masters and PhD students. She is innovative in the classroom and her students appreciate the way she integrates research in her lessons.

Supervisor and mentor, Melissa Skoczylas from the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders was the recipient of the Sessional Teaching Award for her commitment in shaping future speech-language pathologists. Students have praised Skoczylas for her knowledge, support and passion both inside and outside the classroom.

The second recipient of the Sessional Teaching Award was Michelle Barnes from the Department of Physical Therapy. As on of the PT bridging program leaders, Barnes helps find mentors for internationally trained physical therapists learning the Canadian system. She continually shares her clinical experiences and patient-first philosophy with students.

Teaching assistant, Breanna Dewaal from the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders was the recipient of the Graduate Student Teaching Assistant Award. Students describe her as being enthusiastic, professional, supportive and an all-around exceptional teaching assistant.

Calgary satellite campus clinical instructor, Debra Froese, was the recipient of the Clinical Teaching Award. As a mentor, she helps guide students to be the best clinicians they can be. Moreover, her vast knowledge of mental health has greatly contributed to the redevelopment of various areas of occupational therapy.

Clinical Educator Awards

Occupational Therapist Petrina Calder received the Clinical Educator Award for embodying what it is to be an OT: smart, kind, aware, empathetic and thorough. Though her placements were always organized and prepared, she was flexible and adjusted her style to provide her students with as many learning opportunities as possible.

Todd Wolansky took home the Physical Therapy Clinical Educator Award for the way he encouraged feedback from his students in order to provide them with an enhanced experience. He fosters learning by using every success or misstep as an opportunity to improve.

Amanda Ostertag was the Clinical Educator Award recipient from the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders. She was able to bring out the best in her students by being the ideal combination of flexible and supportive. She increases the confidence of her students by encouraging them to self-reflect.

RMSA Teaching Awards

Patricia Manns from the Department of Physical Therapy was recognized for her approachability and ability to show students how to extend their knowledge past the classroom and into the clinic. Manns is unconventional in the way she teaches neurology which heightened student engagement.

The Department of Occupational Therapy's Karin Werther received an RMSA Teaching Award for her ability to provide her students with hands-on learning experiences. She is praised for creating an environment where students could practice with clients and get a feel for the "real world".

Andrea Ruelling from the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders received this award for going above and beyond to assist her students. Ruelling is kind, sincere and uses humour to put her students at ease in difficult situations.

RMSA Student Scholarships

Each year, the RMSA also gives out scholarships to students who are active in their community and are in good academic standing. The 2016 RMSA Student Scholarship recipients were:

Jacqueline Meyers, 1st year, Department of Physical Therapy
Shelby Wogsberg, 2nd year, Department of Physical Therapy
Chelsea Wong, 2nd year, Department of Occupational Therapy
Lucy Grant, 2nd year, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders

Congratulations to all the award winners!