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Rehab Med Live is a series of free, live-streamed presentations designed to connect you with the expertise of our faculty and alumni at a time when it's needed more than ever.


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Past Presentations

Rehab Med Live: Connecting... Video chat has exploded over the past few months as people explore new ways to stay connected. The rush to adopt new technologies makes it all the more important to make sure we're not leaving anybody behind, especially those who experience barriers—from children to the elderly —in setting up and using these tools. Join a panel from our Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders to hear about the work being done to make these tools accessible for everybody, as well as some tips and resources for helping your loved ones overcome these barriers.

Rehab Med Live: The Ergonomics of Working From Home, with Dr. Linda Miller, '89 BScOT
Do you suddenly find yourself working from a makeshift desk at home? Learn how to create a healthy workspace using what you already have around you, and discover free tools and resources that can help from Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine alumna and clinical assistant professor Dr. Linda Miller, '89 BScOT, president of EWI Works International.

Rehab Med Live: The (Working From) Home Stretch
Are your neck and back already sore from working and studying in your home office? Join Sunny Deol, Robert Heimbach and Brandyn Powelske from the MSc Physical Therapy Class of 2015 for some simple exercises and stretches that you can do to stay well and pain-free while working from home.

Unmasking Meaning: The Art and Science of Living in the Context of a Pandemic
Why is everybody suddenly baking? Learn more about the strategies people use to find meaning while living through a pandemic, and how our roles and social identity are impacted as a result of occupational disruptions. Join us for this free, live-streamed presentation by Dr. Mary Forhan, chair of the Department of Occupational Therapy.



Inspired in part by episode 1 of Rehab Med Live, the students in OCCTH 543 created infographics on the ergonomics of working from home, and kindly agreed to share them with our community.


"Give Me a Break..." by Sheena Churla and Allison White


"Tips to set up home office space to reduce lower back pain and strain" by Chelsey Herman and Nevena Niciforovic


"Avoiding 'Digital Eye Strain' (DES) while working from home during COVID-19" by Katie Scoffield and Meghan Wilson


"Safety and ergonomics in open office spaces" by Laura Lavers and Kyle Oleniuk


"Children's workspace: Quick tips" by Ashley Fedirchuk, Kelsie Fouhy and Madison Taylor


"Working from home: University students with laptops" by Rebecca Dalgarno and Naomi Luchka


"Focus your day" by Fraser Cashion and Roxy Diaz

Links and resources from episode 4, "Connecting..."

 Zoom download instructions with picture supports

The Multilingual Families' Lab survey on children's communication during COVID-19

The Multilingual Families' Lab survey on communicating with family and friends during COVID-19

Parenting during COVID-19 (World Health Organization)

Explaining COVID-19 to kids

My hero is you - a multilingual book for children about COVID-19

Students from the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders are currently developing activities that build in communication opportunities and play for children with communication disorders. When ready, these will be posted on