Rehabilitation Research Centre (RRC)


The Rehabilitation Research Centre (RRC) of the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine (FRM) was established in 1989 to support and undertake health-related research in the rehabilitation disciplines.

Academic Purpose

The RRC is an interdisciplinary research centre that supports the FRM and its partners in conducting innovative, high quality, and transformative research in rehabilitation science.

Academic Mission

The RRC supports the process of discovery and learning by enabling a supportive environment for interdisciplinary research, education, and mentorship for rehabilitation science.

The RRC provides:

  1. Training – practical workshops, courses, resources, and 1-on-1 instruction in a variety of research methods and processes
  2. Consulting – support of research methods and analysis via highly qualified personnel and state-of-the-art resources
  3. Community Connections and Engagement – networking opportunities and linkages between researchers in FRM, across the UofA campus, and to the rehabilitation clinical community.
Key activities include:
  • Providing research consulting services related to rehabilitation science
  • Maintaining the RRC library and rehabilitation research resources
  • Connecting investigators with highly qualified personnel
  • Supporting interdisciplinary grant applications
  • Developing research links with the university and clinical communities
  • Supporting graduate student learning in the FRM
Rehabilitation Research Centre