Chris Sellar, Alberta Cancer Exercise (ACE) Project Coordinator

Education: Bachelor of Physical Education, MSc and PhD in Exercise Physiology, University of Alberta.

From: Spruce Grove, AB.

Research/Work Interests: Late in my Bachelor's program and through my Master's, my interest shifted from working with healthy, athletic individuals to those with clinical conditions. I took the opportunity to apply my background in exercise physiology to working with cancer survivors by completing my PhD studies under the supervision of Dr. Kerry Courneya, a Canada Research Chair in Physical Activity and Cancer. My research experiences have allowed me to examine the effects of exercise training both during and after cancer treatments in numerous cancer survivor groups such as breast, lymphoma, and colon. Currently I am working on the ACE project, which aims to ultimately incorporate exercise into the clinical care of all cancer survivors across Alberta.

Personal Interests: I spend much of my free time hanging out with my wife and two kids and like to ride my bike whenever I get the chance.