Corbett Hall Speech-Language Clinic (Corbett Clinic)

The Corbett Hall Speech-Language Clinic is located within the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine at the University of Alberta. The clinic has a team of Registered Speech-Language Pathologists and offers SLP services for clients of all ages. Students in the Master of Science Speech-Language Pathology program complete clinical practicum placements in the clinic.

For Clients
Corbett Hall Speech-Language Clinic has a variety of programs and services. The types of clients seen at Corbett Clinic will vary during the year. A range of service delivery models are designed and occur at different times throughout the year. The clinic incorporates student placements into services. Client eligibility, type, frequency, and length of service are based on current student learning needs and can vary significantly from block to block. Services may include: formal and informal assessment, individual treatment, or group services. Students are supervised by Registered Speech-Language Pathologists resulting in personalized and outstanding client service.

There are fees for services. Rates can change. Corbett Hall Speech-Language Clinic aims to offer a reduced rate compared to typical private SLP service fees in Alberta. Contact the clinic for current fees.

For Students
Most students complete their first two introductory placements through Corbett Clinic under the supervision of on staff Speech-Language Pathologists in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders. The clients range in age from preschool through geriatrics and present a wide range of developmental and acquired speech and language disorders.

Collaborative treatment and learning teams are used within Corbett Clinic. Treatment teams are presented with clinical problems and use a team method to solve them. This results in both clinical and interpersonal development for the students and produces outstanding client service.