Corbett Hall Speech-Language Clinic (Corbett Clinic)

The Corbett Hall Speech-Language Clinic is located within the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine at the University of Alberta and provides a wide range of Speech-Language Pathology services.

The types of clients seen at Corbett Clinic will vary. The clients range in age from preschool through geriatrics. Client eligibility, and type, frequency and length of service, are based on current student learning needs and change from block to block. Services may include: formal and informal assessment, individual treatment, or group services. There are fees for services. Rates can change. Contact the clinic for current fees.

Clinic services will be provided by graduate students under the supervision of a qualified Speech-Language Pathologist. Corbett Clinic is a teaching facility. Student observation and participation in appointments and the audio and/or video recording of appointments will occur and is essential for educational and clinical supervisory purposes.

Corbett Clinic does not offer volunteering opportunities. Clinical resources are dedicated exclusively to students.

Two people touching their mouths