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Past Deans

In September 1908, the University of Alberta welcomed its first class of 37 students. The Faculty of Arts and Science was the first faculty named by the Senate, and while some sources state the U of A started with five professors, others state there were four professors. This discrepancy is likely due to the fact that in addition to Henry Marshall Tory’s role as president, he also taught mathematics and physics. It was not until 1963 that the two faculties split and the Faculty of Science became its own unit.

Today, the Faculty has seven departments: Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Computing Science, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, Physics, and Psychology.


Frank Marsiglio

Frank Marsiglio - Interim Dean (2018-19)

Jonathan Schaeffer

Jonathan Schaeffer - Dean (2012-18)

Gregory Taylor

Gregory Taylor - Dean (2002-12)

Mark Dale

Mark Dale - Acting Dean (1997)

Richard Peter

Richard Peter - Dean (1992-2002)

Robert J. Crawford

Robert J. Crawford - Dean (1991-92)

Ronald Bercov

Ronald Bercov - Acting Dean (1986-87)

W. John Macdonald

W. John McDonald - Dean (1981-91)

Kenneth B. Newbound

Kenneth B. Newbound - Dean (1976-81)

Donald M. Ross

Donald M. Ross - Dean (1964-76)

Max Wyman

Max Wyman - Dean (1963-64)

Herbert S. Armstrong

Herbert S. Armstrong - Dean (1962-63)