Ben Gruber | DERTS Trainees




Degree program: Master of Science, University of Alberta 
Supervisors: Tom Chacko, Graham Pearson 


My research interests are associated with studying the connections between the chemical and thermal aspects of crustal rocks. The research I do through the DERTS program is focused on identifying how lower crustal chemical and thermal parameters effect mantle geotherms and the diamond capacity of kimberlite pipes. Accomplishing these ends involves the application of in-situ trace element measurements on mineral phases and ambient-temperature inclusion thermometry. Previously, during my undergraduate degree at Washington State University, I worked on a project that modelled the chemical and thermal conditions involved in the formation of the Browns Creek rhyolite lava flow located on the Western Snake River Plain, Idaho. My future plans involve expanding on my DERTS research to incorporate systems of other continents and locations.


Misasa International Student Internship Program: July - August 2017

Alberta geological Survey: January- February 2018



Yoshino, T., Gruber, B., Reiner, C. (2018) Effects of pressure and water on electrical conductivity of carbonate melt with implications for conductivity anomaly in continental mantle lithosphere. Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors 281 p. 8-16


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