Tim McIntyre | DERTS Trainees

Tim McIntyre

Degree program: PhD, University of Alberta
Supervisors: Graham Pearson

My research is largely focused on using Re-Os isotopes and platinum group elements in crustal hosted peridotites of West Greenland to understand the evolution of the lithospheric mantle underlying the North Atlantic Craton. In addition, I am measuring heat producing elements (K, U, and Th) in mantle xenoliths to place constraints on heat production in the lithospheric mantle to be used in geothermal modelling. I'm also involved in the EARTHBLOOM Project, which focuses on constraining the origin and timing of photosynthesis on Earth through studying the geochemistry and sedimentology of Mesoarchean marine carbonates in Northern Ontario.


Anglo American: May - September 2018


McIntyre, T. (2018). Geochemistry of the Tussaap Ultramafic Complex, Southern West Greenland (Masters Thesis). University of Alberta, Canada.

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