Matthew Wudrick | DERTS Trainees

Degree program: Master of Science, University of Alberta
Supervisors: Graham Pearson, Thomas Stachel

I am a master's student working with Drs. Graham Pearson and Thomas Stachel. My current MSc project is focussed on the age of the lithospheric mantle beneath the Karowe Diamond Mine in central Botswana. I am using the Re-Os dating system on garnet peridotite and spinel peridotite xenoliths brought to surface during kimberlite emplacement. This research will determine the level of depletion found at Karowe and help characterise the occurrence of large Type II A diamonds. I completed my BSc here at the U of A in 2016. My undergraduate thesis project looked at the trace element geochemistry of olivine in kimberlite from the Lac De Gras region in the Northwest Territories.


Saskatchewan Research Council - Geoanalytical Laboratories: May - August 2018

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