Dylan Cone | DERTS Trainees

Degree program: Msc, University of British Columbia

Supervisors: Maya Kopylova

Email: dcone@eoas.ubc.ca

I'm a current MSc student in the Diamond Exploration Laboratory at the University of British Columbia. I completed my bachelor's degree with honors in 2018 from Montclair State University and was part of two projects in my final year. The first was an analysis of grain size distribution in marine sediments from the Weddell Sea in Antarctica during the Eocene-Oligocene transition in order to infer climactic information based on the shift of grain size distribution. My second project was the bulk geochemical analysis of an unknown suite of granite sheets from the Hudson Highlands in New York. My current master's project is on investigating the origin of megacrysts within kimberlite through the analysis of megacryst samples from the Muskox kimberlite pipe in the northern Slave craton. Through the interpretation of major and trace element data of my samples, as well as Muskox xenoliths, I hope to model interactions between mantle rocks and metasomatic fluids that occur prior to kimberlite emplacement. Modelling these interactions will allow us to determine whether megacrysts could have formed metasomatically and let us more precisely constrain their origin and better understand how they relate to kimberlite.

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