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Natasha Barrett

Degree program: PhD, University of Alberta
Supervisors: Graham Pearson

I'm currently a PhD student at the University of Alberta working with Dr. Graham Pearson. For my research I study the evolution of the lithospheric mantle beneath Southwest Pacific Islands, focusing on oceanic mantle xenoliths from the Fiji and subduction-related ophiolite peridotites from Papua New Guinea. This research investigates how mantle evolution in the younger, sub-oceanic lithosphere relates to conditions for continent growth and stabilization, and whether this information can be used as a modern analogue to understanding the formation of stable cratons where we find diamonds. I completed a BSc in Geology and Chemistry from the University of Western Australia and continued into a MSc researching U-Pb, Lu-Hf and O isotope systematics in zircon from lower crustal xenoliths from the Monaro Volcanic Province in eastern Australia. Following my MSc, I completed a research internship with the Commonwealth Industrial Scientific Research Organisation (CSIRO) at the Australian Resources Research Centre, and several summers working in Global Greenfields Exploration for Barrick Gold (Australia-Pacific) and AngloGold Ashanti.

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