Connor Elzinga | DERTS Trainees

Degree program: MSc, University of Alberta
Supervisors: Robert Luth & Graham Pearson

I'm currently a MSc student working under the supervision of Dr. Robert Luth. My research will focus on expanding the useful range of the single grain clinopyroxene thermobarometer for diamond exploration use. Experiments will be conducted to synthesize clinopyroxene at mantle conditions using a USSA-2000 uniaxial split-sphere multianvil press in the C. M. Scarfe Laboratory of Experimental Petrology. During my undergraduate degree I completed a BSc thesis at the University of Alberta, where I studied unique melt-bearing mantle xenoliths from the Chidliak kimberlite field. I studied the major element chemistry of the melt and xenolith minerals, performed geothermobarometry, and studied metasomatic effects.

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