Mei Yan Lai | DERTS Trainees

Degree program: PhD, University of Alberta
Supervisor: Thomas Stachel

After completing my MSc on the origin of yellow colouration in diamonds from the Chidliak and Ekati (Misery pipe) kimberlites, for my PhD I am now working on diamonds from Sierra Leone (West Africa).

For my PhD I will complete the first systematic study on diamonds and their inclusions from Sierra Leone. Previously, only a few random analysis of inclusions (e.g., two orthopyroxenes and one eclogitic garnet were analysed by Meyer and Boyd 1972) were available in the literature. I will provide the first characterization of mineral inclusions (yielding the source paragenesis and the pressure-temperature conditions of diamond formation) and their host diamonds (carbon and nitrogen isotopic composition and nitrogen characteristics, which allow to draw conclusions on the composition of the diamond forming fluid and to constrain the mantle residence history of the diamonds). In addition, the finding of ultra-deep xenoliths at Koidu opens the exciting possibility of the presence of some asthenospheric, transition zone or lower mantle inclusions in our sample set.


Dominion Diamond Mine: June - August 2017

Gemological Institute of America: September - November 2018

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