Graham Pearson | DERTS Faculty

Director of the Diamond Exploration and Research Training School

Canada Excellence Research Chair Laureate: Arctic Resources

Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada


Dr. Pearson is one of the world's leading scientists in diamond studies and understanding the formation of diamond-forming roots beneath continents. He is at the forefront of developing new techniques for geochemical analysis, and has pioneered new methods of dating minute geological samples. His development of the first technique to determine when a diamond was created won him the prestigious Lindgren Medal of the Society of Economic Geologists in 1999. He also developed the first quantitative fingerprinting technology that can determine the geographical origin of a diamond, which has implications for markets that rely on the export and sale of "conflict diamonds." He has been a member of the Science Working Group of the Kimberley Process, and participated in expert committees on "conflict diamonds" for both the European Science Foundation and the National Security Council (USA). He is the current Chair of the "Diamonds and Mantle Geodynamics Group" of the Deep Carbon Observatory initiative.

Dr. Pearson's research is focused on the cratonic mantle lithosphere, kimberlites and diamonds.

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